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Alternatives to rcp and rdist Commands

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Alternatives to rcp and rdist Commands

This document provides examples of copying filesystem/dir/files to a remote system using various backup commands. Unlike rcp and ftp commands, backups will retain permission/ownership and time stamps, which are sometimes needed in restoration of the exact files to a database. This information applies to AIX 5.3 and 6.1.

NOTE: rsh must be set up to run the commands in the following examples.


  1. tar:
      tar -cvf- ./files | rsh  -l \
                 "cd /target _dir;tar -xvf-"
  2. pax and backup commands not limited to 1gig file size as is tar.

  3. pax:
     pax -wvf- ./files | rsh  -l \
       "cd /target_dir;pax -rvf-"
  4. backup:
     find ./tmp -print | backup -ivpqf- | rsh target_machine> -l 
    root "cd /tmp/;restore -xvqf-" 

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