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Client-specific SEA statistics

Client-specific SEA statistics

To gather network statistics at a per-client level, advanced accounting can be enabled on the SEA to provide more information about its network traffic.
To enable per-client statistics, the VIOS administrator can set the SEA accounting attribute to “enabled” (the default value is “disabled”, so that no per-client statistics are gathered by default). When advanced accounting is enabled, the SEA keeps track of the hardware (MAC) addresses of all of the packets it receives from the LPAR clients, and increments packet and byte counts for each client independently. After advanced accounting is enabled on the SEA, the VIOS administrator can generate a report to view per-client statistics by running the seastat command.

Advanced accounting must be enabled on the SEA before the seastat command can print any statistics

To enable advanced accounting on the SEA, enter the following command:

chdev -dev <SEA_device_name> -attr accounting=enabled

The following command displays per-client SEA statistics. The optional -n flag disables name resolution on IP addresses.

seastat -d <SEA_device_name> [-n]

The following command clears (zeroes out) all of the per-client SEA statistics
that have been gathered:

seastat -d <SEA_device_name> -c