How to migrate an existing VIO server using Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager version 5.6 to Dynamic Link Manager version 5.9


The procedures are in the Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager User Guide. The installation procedure is basically the same as for a standalone AIX server.

You must use the special VIO command oem_setup_env to get into the root shell to uninstall and reinstall Dynamic Link Manager. The recommended procedure is to shut down the client prior to the upgrade.The virtual (mapped) devices must either be removed or put in a defined state.

You must also be aware that the pvid method of identifying the disks is the default with Dynamic LinkManager version 5.6,however, with Dynamic Link Manager version 5.6.1 the option to specify the unique_id method was available. If you are using unique_id, then no changes are required.
However,if you are using the pvid method, then a backup and restore(orreload) is required.If you have dual VIO servers, you can migrate one server at a time,however, care must be taken to ensure the paths areavailable and
there are no path errors in the client. Also, ensure that you are using the unique_id method of identifying the disks. The reserves must be disabled on all the hdisks prior to remapping the devices for the client partitions.

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