exec module “/sbin/helpers/jfs2/logredo64” failed


Filesystem /dd_backup failed to mount after server crashs and reboots.


Get the following error while running fsck:

exec module “/sbin/helpers/jfs2/logredo64” failed


Full log:

root [myaixLPAR] /tmp: fsck /dd_backup
The current volume is: /dev/ddbkup1lv
Primary superblock is valid.
J2_LOGREDO:log redo processing for /dev/ddbkup1lv
Fatal: I/O error
exec module "/sbin/helpers/jfs2/logredo64" failed.
logredo failed (rc=5). fsck continuing.
Primary superblock is valid.
*** Phase 1 - Initial inode scan
*** Phase 2 - Process remaining directories
*** Phase 3 - Process remaining files
*** Phase 4 - Check and repair inode allocation map
*** Phase 5 - Check and repair block allocation map
File system is clean.
root [myaixLPAR] /tmp: mount /dd_backup
Replaying log for /dev/ddbkup1lv.
Fatal: I/O error
mount: /dev/ddbkup1lv on /dd_backup: Unformatted or incompatible media





It is due to jfs2log is corrupted. Run a logform on the jfs2log.


logform /dev/loglv01

Answer "y" to confirm.

Now the filesytem can be mounted.


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