How can I prevent the reoccurrences of call home error E3D4310A?


How can I prevent the reoccurrences of call home error E3D4310A?



The E3D4310A reference code is generated on the HMC when it is unable to transmit service information to IBM (Ref A)




The E3D4310A  error occurs during submission of rsf request which means the HMC attempted to send inventory data to IBM and that failed. It is  just a customer notification messages and can be ignored.  If you want the error to stop being reported (which might occur every week) then you would do one of two things.

1. Disable the feature to transmit service information to IBM.
Service Management ---> Transmit Service Information ---> remove the
check from any box associated with a service transmission feature.


2. Configure all the call home and service options on the HMC and allow transmissions through security firewalls to the destinations detailed in following document.

Setting up AIX or Linux to use a management console to connect to
service and support (Ref B).

Even though the HMC might be successful in transmitting call home requests to IBM, the inventory transmissions require a separate set of servers to be accessed.  The document above does list all servers at IBM that the HMC needs access to in order to provide the full range of electronic services support.

You can find additional information about IBM Electronic Services  from the IBM Electronic Service Agent (ESA) Support site (Ref C).

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