IVM CLI examples for creating Virtual Ethernet Adapters with VLAN tagging (IEEE 802.1Q)

Technote (FAQ)


How do I create a virtual ethernet adapter in IVM with VLAN tagging (IEEE 802.1Q)


1. Find out name of the IVM ($IVM) managed system.

$ lssyscfg -r sys -F name

2. Get the names of all lpars and lpar id ($LPAR_ID) including the IVM lpar.

$ lssyscfg -r lpar -F name,lpar_id
06-9533A,1 (vio lpar)
test,2 (client lpar)
anoosh,3 (client lpar)

3. List attributes of virtual adapters on IVM lpar:

lshwres -m $IVM -r virtualio --rsubtype eth --level lpar --filter lpar_ids=$LPAR_ID

lshwres -m Server-7998-61X-SN069533A -r virtualio --rsubtype eth --level lpar --filter lpar_ids=1

(NOTE: used slot numbers and vlans for step 4)

4. Create a new virtual adapter with VLAN tags with the below example attributes.

slot=30 (use an unused slot_number)

ieee_virtual_eth=yes (yes=802.1q enabled, no=802.1q disabled)

port_vlan_id=40 (use a unique number not in use)

addl_vlan_ids=50, 51 (vlan tags to add)

is_trunk=yes (bridge to outside network)

chhwres -m Server-7998-61X-SN069533A -p 06-9533A -o a -r virtualio --rsubtype eth -s 30 -a "ieee_virtual_eth=1,port_vlan_id=40,\"addl_vlan_ids=50,51\",is_trunk=1,trunk_priority=1" -d 5

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